The Hottest Moments in Fire Force (So Far)

Fire Force

By Dan Exclaims!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Funimation Top Five! This time, we’re gonna be diving into my picks for the Top Five Hottest Moments in Fire Force Season 1. Spoilers ahead.

Let’s get started.

5. Rekka vs. Shinra

Season 1 of Fire Force certainly didn’t disappoint with its animation quality, as you’ll see from the other picks on this list. It’s super difficult to judge each moment because they’re all spectacular, but for our Number Five moment, it’s gotta go to Rekka vs. Shinra. 

At this point in the story, Shinra and Company 8 are investigating other companies regarding the truth behind spontaneous human combustion, when they stumble across a horrific truth. 

The Lieutenant for Special Fire Force Company 1–Rekka Hoshimiya–is not only responsible for man-made combustions, but is a loyalist to the Evangelist!

Shinra rushes in to engage Rekka before he exposes children he’s abducted to the Bugs that were discovered to be responsible for spontaneous human combustion!

4. Benimaru Does His Move

Move over everyone, the best character in Fire Force is making his debut on the list. 

Sorry Shinra, but Shinmon Benimaru, as he would like to be referred to as, has his moment to shine right now! His nickname amongst his Asakusa companymen is Waka, which in Japanese translates to Young Master. This nickname is used by older servicemen to show respect to younger superior officers.

During the Asakusa Arc, Beni is constantly approached with the idea of embracing the role of being the leader of Company 7, and of Asakusa. After his good friend Kanro renders himself bedridden and with Infernals attacking all over his city, Benimaru shows the people of Asakusa why he is Asakusa and when they come here to pick a fight they are picking a fight with him

With the whole city at his back, Shinmon Benimaru turns to the light of the sky crimson with his final move, an homage to his best friend Kanro. No, you’re crying.

3. Arrow vs. Lieutenant Hinawa

One of the constant antagonists throughout this season is the White-Clad Soldier, Arrow. 

Her marksmanship gave everyone problems in Asakusa and now, during the Netherworld Arc, she’s facing off against everyone’s favorite disciplinarian–Lieutenant Hinawa. 

When all seemed lost and his defeat was all but certain, Hinawa cranks the heat up! With them swapping battle tactics, Hinawa has lured the villain into a situation where it’s hard for her to dodge his overwhelmingly strong attacks. And the guns he uses and the control he has being a Second Generation Pyrokinetic are unmatched! 

He defeats Arrow using her own flames against her.

2. Maki vs. White-Clad and Flail

First Class Fire Soldier Maki Oze is literally the most complete and terrifying fire soldier in Company 8. In the greatest way possible, of course. 

Our Number Two pick goes to the moment where she thinks the White-Clad are spooky ghosts, only to find out they’re actually flesh and blood humans

What follows is one of the greatest displays of martial arts in anime I’ve ever seen. Though afterwards, she’s tasked with taking on the misogynistic hulk of a person, Flail. The fight starts and Flail is given a beat down that verbally made me “oof” as Maki cripples the entire unit with ease.

1. Shinra vs Sho

The Number One hottest moment in Fire Force Season 1 has to go to Shinra vs. Sho.

Throughout Season 1 we are told of Shinra’s little brother, Sho, who was said to have died in the same combustion incident that killed his family. 

In this scene, the rumors whispered to Shinra come true. His little brother stands before him, wearing the White-Clad armor. His brother then engages Shinra and it leads to the greatest fight to close out Season 1. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

And that’s gonna do it for this edition of Top Five. Stream the first season of Fire Force on Funimation right now and be sure to catch Fire Force Season 2 when it premieres on Funimation in July!

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