Believe It! Naruto Is Officially Coming to Funimation

Yes, you read that headline correctly. We’re so excited to announce that the original Naruto series is finally coming to Funimation, thanks to our amazing partners at VIZ Media!

Starting July 6, you’ll be able to stream all 220 episodes of the original Naruto series, subbed and dubbed on Funimation in the United States and Canada. 

Join Naruto Uzumaki and the young ninjas of Team 7 as they begin to complete missions for the Hidden Leaf Village and grow up together into powerful shinobi! This is the beginning of an epic journey that’s helped shape the world of manga and anime forever.

The popular manga series—written and illustrated by the legendary Masashi Kishimoto—has sold over 235 million copies worldwide, and many regard it as having some of the strongest character development in anime. It rules.

Due to the overwhelming success of the manga, Studio Pierrot and Aniplex adapted the black-and-white pages into an anime that first premiered in Japan in October 2002 and aired for five seasons until February 2007.

It quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. 

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