Fans Were Not Prepared For The Twist in DECA-DENCE Episode 2 😱

Kaburagi from DECA-DENCE

After a beautifully-animated first episode that established the world surrounding the mobile fortress, most fans were expecting for DECA-DENCE‘s story to simply continue following Natsume’s journey to become one of the Gears.

Needless to say, no one was prepared for Episode 2.

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Fans took to Twitter to express their surprise in the most vague way possible, as the series takes a unique turn we can’t wait to see unfold! But we’ll keep what happened a secret.

After all, none of us want to be the one to spoil what happened.

Want to rewatch the big reveal after reading all those comments? We’ve got you covered.

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING, so if you haven’t already watched the first two episodes of DECA-DENCE on your own yet, you should definitely do that first.

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