Let’s Jam! Sony Music and Milan Records Team Up for Cowboy Bebop Vinyl LP Release

Cowboy Bebop Vinyl

UPDATE: You can pre-order RIGHT NOW!

Let’s jam! Sony Music and Milan Records are teaming up to release a special soundtrack for Shinichiro Watanabe’s legendary anime series, Cowboy Bebop!

This new vinyl release includes over 20 jazzy beats from series’ artists Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts on GORGEOUS red and purple marble-print records.

Top that off with a beautiful gatefold package and stunning cover art from Toshihiro Kawamoto and you’ve got a perfect way to relive the music from this iconic series! Pre-orders will be available starting August 6, with limited quantities right here on The Funimation Shop.

While this is the first standalone LP release on The Funimation Shop for Cowboy Bebop, you might remember that it’s not the first time the series’ music has come to vinyl. Funimation previously released a record with a special collector’s edition of the anime! Though, if you’re completionists like us, having another release is never a bad move.

Check out packaging art and the full tracklist for this 2XLP release below, and let us know what anime soundtracks or music you’d like to see on vinyl next!

Disc One (Side A)

  • Tank!
  • Rush
  • Spokey Dokey
  • Bad Dog No Biscuits
  • Cat Blues

Disc One (Side B)

  • Cosmos
  • Space Lion
  • Waltz for Zizi
  • Piano Black
  • Pot City

Disc Two (Side A)

  • Too Good Too Bad
  • Car 24
  • The Egg and I
  • Felt Tip Pen
  • Rain
  • Digging My Potato
  • Memory

Disc Two (Side B)

  • What Planet Is This?
  • Diamonds
  • Mushroom Hunting
  • Einstein Groovin’
  • Pearls

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