Watch Your Favorites With Us During The Funimation Summer Watch Party Series! ☀️

The summer is in full swing. That means longer days, refreshing drinks and a heck of a lot of anime. Well, we wanted to make summer that much sweeter, so we’re kicking off the Funimation Summer Watch Party! So, get ready to watch some of your favorite series with fans, Funimation and special guests!

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Starting August 10 with a special one-year anniversary screening of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 19 (yes, that one), we’ll be watching a different series, episode or movie every Monday evening at 7 p.m. CDT. And after? We’ll be chatting it up on Discord for the official after party.

Want to join in on the fun? Here’s what you’ll need:

Take a look below at the full schedule of upcoming watch parties, and get ready to chat along with fans as we watch some of the best and brightest in anime! You should absolutely be watching.


Demon Slayer Animation

August 10 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 19 (Subbed; Hosted by Lauren Moore)

August 17The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED Episodes 3 & 4 (Subbed; Hosted by CutiePieSensei)

August 24DECA-DENCE Episodes 5 & 6 (Subbed; Hosted by CutiePieSensei)

August 31 TBD (Hosted by CutiePieSensei)

Kaguya-same: Love is War Screenshot Romance 1

September 7Kaguya-sama: Love is War? Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2 (Dubbed; Hosted by Nikan)

September 14 Fire Force Season 2 Episodes 3, 4 & 5 (Dubbed; Hosted by Nikan)

September 21 Attack on Titan Episodes 52, 53 & 54 (Dubbed; Hosted by Nikan)

September 28Afro Samurai: Resurrection (Dubbed; Hosted by Nikan)

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