Funimation Is Hosting a Reddit AMA with the Director of DECA-DENCE! 🎉

DECA-DENCE screenshot

Get your questions ready, because we’ve got something special for you! The incredible Yuzuru Tachikawa (Mob Psycho 100Death Parade) is joining us to talk about all things DECA-DENCE. Yes, even that twist.

On August 18 at 7:30 p.m. CDT, head over to r/funimation and get ready to drop your questions in the replies. We’ll be chatting with Tachikawa-sensei for about an hour, and we can’t wait to share your love for DECA-DENCE with him!

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The series is already off to an action-packed start, as Natsume and Kaburagi learn more about the Gadoll, humanity’s fight against them and the secrets that seem beyond their world. No spoilers here folks; you’ll have to watch for those.

Take a look at the official trailer for the series below and get ready for this special Reddit AMA!

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