Master Roshi Joins The Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 Lineup 🐢

Master Roshi Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Brittany Vincent

Calling Earth’s mightiest warriors! Dragon Ball FighterZ is adding the legendary turtle hermit, Master Roshi, to Season 3 of the fighting game!

BANDAI NAMCO debuted a new trailer for the game that heralds the arrival of Roshi as the third DLC fighter from the FighterZ Pass 3, following the introduction of Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku.

Master Roshi sports his Dragon Ball Super look and is seen whipping up his famous Kamehameha attack to tear through the competition. As you’re all likely very aware by now, Master Roshi is the martial arts master who taught Goku how to harness his signature move, and we’ll get to see it in action from the man himself soon enough!

Not to mention, Roshi’s Evil Containment Wave is not to be trifled with, and this brief introductory clip shows off how formidable the move actually is. Once he pulls it off, he’s seen showing off his silly side, bouncing around and throwing up the double peace sign we know him so well for. 

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In addition to bringing Master Roshi to Dragon Ball FighterZ, the reveal trailer indicated that there are several community events on the way for players!

September will bring the first player reveals for the National Championship, as well as more information about Master Roshi’s moveset before his release. Then in December, the playoffs arrive.

Not to mention, there’s also more info planned to be revealed for the remaining two fighters in the latest pass, and we cannot WAIT to see who joins the fight next.

Can’t wait to jump into the fight as Master Roshi? Share this post and let us know how excited you are! While you wait for Roshi to come show you how to master the Kamehameha, be sure to catch up on everything Dragon Ball right here on Funimation, where you can stream the entire series from beginning to end, subbed and dubbed!

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