HIME-CHAN! Check Out the Dub Cast for Kakushigoto, Your New Wholesome Anime Obsession

Kakushigoto anime screenshot

Look, it’s only fair that we let you know up front that an anime is going to be incredibly wholesome, right? Well, that’s what we’re doing, so get ready: Kakushigoto is officially getting an English dub!

Not only is Kakushigoto wholesome, but its characters and plots range from hilarious and adorable to emotional and tear-jerking.

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Get ready to learn about the life of a man who has to hide his career from his daughter, and the myriad of ways he’ll make sure she doesn’t find out! His career? A lewd manga artist. You’re in for a treat!

While you wait for the first episode to debut LATER TODAY (August 20), check out the English voice cast for the series. You’re in for a treat!

Kakushigoto English Dub Cast
Kakushigoto English Dub Cast
Kakushi GotoHoward Wang
HimeMorgan Lauré
AmiKatelyn Barr
AoguCris George
FujitaShawn Gann
HinaSarah Wiedenheft
IchikoLindsay Seidel
KakeruKevin Thelwell
MarioDaman Mills
RasunaTia Ballard
RikoKristin Sutton
SatsukiAaron Dismuke
Silvia Suzie Yeung
ADR DirectorJad Saxton
Lead ADR EngineerVictor Acosta
ADR Script WriterKristen McGuire
ADR Script SupervisorJeramey Kraatz
ADR PrepDaman Mills
Mix EngineerAndrew Tipps