Back in Session: Assassination Classroom Is Coming to Toonami

assassination classroom_coach

By Brittany Vincent

Grab your best weapons and bring your A-game, because Koro Sensei, Nagisa and the rest of Class 3E are coming to Toonami!

The raucous action comedy Assassination Classroom is hitting Adult Swim’s Toonami block this month, snagging a spot on the Saturday night lineup. Beginning on August 29, the Funimation English dub of the series will air at 1 a.m. EDT, followed by Black Clover at 1:30 a.m. EDT. 

Line up announcement! We are premiering Assassination Classroom next Saturday at 1am. We’re sorry for the late notice…

Posted by Toonami on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Unfamiliar with the syllabus? Here’s what you can expect from the curriculum: A bizarre yellow alien named Koro Sensei will be your teacher, though he isn’t a mild-mannered educator. He’s actually destroyed part of the moon and is planning on continuing his spree of destruction by eliminating the Earth. 

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But there’s a catch: He’s challenging a class of delinquent middle school students to kill him before the end of the school year. If they’re successful, he’ll spare our humble little planet. But he isn’t making it easy on anyone. He’s only extremely fast, strong and clever. No big deal, right?

The kids in Assassination Classroom aren’t exactly slouches, though, and they repeatedly come up with their own devious plans to end Koro Sensei’s life. But it isn’t easy to kill an alien who’s outclassing you in just about every way–and who also cares about you as a person. 

Yes, Koro Sensei is actually invested in his students’ learning and well-being, always pushing them to be their best in his own weird little way. Who said murderous aliens have to be jerks?

Can’t wait? We’ve got you. As always, you can catch up on both seasons, dubbed and subbed, ahead of Koro Sensei’s big TV debut, right here on Funimation.