Pet Cosplay: The Cutest Anime Fits for Our Furry Friends 🐈🐕

Pet Cosplay Naruto

By Aly Luskey

If there’s one thing we love more than fans cosplaying some of their favorite characters from anime, it’d be pets doing the same. Seriously, pets can be fans too.

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Whether its a skillfully crafted complement to their owner’s cosplay, or a stand-alone design sure to be the talk of the canine crowd, pet cosplay will ALWAYS be there to steal our hearts. And yes, you do need to see a dog wearing a Naruto wig. No backing out now.

Here are some of our favorites (and thanks to all of these wonderful artists and photographers who said we could share)!

Beansprout and Brusselsprout…love it.

Her Shinobu cosplay is beautiful. 😭

We think Frank looks spectacular. ⚡️

Sphynx cat Beerus. We repeat: Sphynx cat Beerus.


She makes a paw-fect Akatsuki member. 🐾

And what pet cosplay roundup would be complete without a Corgi cosplaying Ein?

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