Defend Humanity! SUPER HXEROS English Dub Is Coming to Funimation


In a world where obsessed bug monsters are siphoning H-energy from humans, it’s up to the HXEROS to defend humanity! We’re excited to announce that SUPER HXEROS is getting an English dub, and we’ve got your first look at the cast for the series.

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The version of the series provided by Aniplex of America for streaming will be the same censored broadcast version used for the English dub.

Leading the series as Retto Enjo and Kirara Hoshino are Matt Shipman (DARLING in the FRANXX, Dr. STONE) and Brittany Lauda (Darwin’s Game, Tokyo Ghoul:re). Check out the full cast list below, and let us know who you’re excited to see when SUPER HXEROS‘ English dub debuts…THIS FRIDAY (September 4).

RettoMatt Shipman
KiraraBrittany Lauda
AnnoDaman Mills
CoronaMeli Grant
DateStephen Fu
HarukaMarissa Lenti
Kiseichuu XMarissa Lenti
MaihimeKate Bristol
MinyarinMarissa Lenti
MomokaEmily Neves
OdaEmi Lo
SoraMallorie Rodak
TorikoeKyle Igneczi
YuunaAmber Lee Connors
ADR Script WriterMarshall Willscythe

Synopsis: “Earth faces an unprecedented threat from an invasion by the mysterious Kiseichuu. The Kiseichuu feed on human sexual energy, also known as ‘H-energy,’ and weaken the human population.

“High school student Retto Enjo is a member of the hero group HXEROS, who fight together to save the earth from the Kiseichuu.”

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