Listen Like a Hero! Exclusive My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Vinyl LP Variant Comes to Funimation Shop

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Vinyl

Sure, My Hero Academia has plenty of incredible action, character development and emotion! But it also has incredible music, and the score from the latest film in the series, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, is no different.

We’re excited to announce that a special, exclusive variant of the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising soundtrack is coming to The Funimation Shop, and we can’t wait for you to listen to this pulse-pounding, crystal clear release!

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This soundtrack, composed by Yuki Hayashi, has been specially pressed on green- and orange-colored vinyl, reminiscent of My Hero Academia‘s own Deku and Bakugo. And WOW, it looks gorgeous.

Pre-orders for this exclusive release go live on September 10, so make sure to bookmark this page, set a reminder and do whatever you have to do to score this legendary soundtrack!

Be sure to check out the full tracklist below, and let us know which side you’ll be starting with! Us? We’ll likely kick things off from the beginning.

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Full Tracklist for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Heroes Rising Vinyl

Disc 1, Side A:

  • Heroes vs. Villains
  • Nine
  • A Hero Is…
  • The Hero Work Recommendation Project
  • That’s Super Hero-Like!!
  • Nabu Island
  • Inherited Power
  • Nine’s Quirk
  • Nine’s Blunder
  • The Villain Appears
  • You Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt!
  • Deku and Katsuma

Disc 1, Side B:

  • Nine’s Action
  • Surprise Attack of the Villain
  • Class 1-A, Heading Out!
  • Nine and His Team’s Resistance
  • Numerical Inferiority
  • Nine’s Tenacity of Purpose
  • The Strength of the Man Who’ll Become the Number One Hero
  • Islander’s Anxiety
  • Past with Nine

Disc 2, Side A:

  • Together as One
  • Strategy Meeting
  • Let’s Start the Operation!
  • We’ll Go All-Out to Stop You!
  • Joint Struggle
  • Chimera
  • To the Limit
  • Nine’s Craving

Disc 2, Side B:

  • Be Number One -Bakugo’s Belief-
  • Nine’s Power
  • Might*U
  • A Heart That Is Inherited
  • There Is a Hero There