Funimation UK Subscribers: Stream Trinity Seven, DRAMAtical Murder and more on Funimation!

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On the lookout for something new to binge watch? We have definitely got you covered this week!

From the escapades of Trinity Seven to saccharine sweetness of HaNaYaMaTa, there’s truly something for everyone in our new batch of catalogue shows dropping just for Funimation subscribers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Slice of life and Harem fans alike will love Studio Trigger’s When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace, and the 12-episode series DRAMAtical Murder is your one-stop-shop for all things sci-fi and superpower-related!

Feeling cute? Get your chibi on with the comedy Naruto spin-off Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, based on the manga by Kenji Taira. This adorable series follows the life of our fave Rock Lee, the ninja who can’t use ninjutsu! All 51 episodes are available to watch both subbed and dubbed. 

Here’s the full list of shows dropping on Funimation UK…RIGHT NOW!

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Things have been looking sunny for Arata Kasuga lately. Unfortunately it’s been the wrong sun in the sky, and the mysterious Breakdown Phenomenon that accompanied it destroyed his town and stole his beloved cousin Hiijiri, leaving Arata in a fantasy world of his own creation! 

There’s still a chance to save her, however, as the appearance of the Black Sun also revealed Arata’s potential abilities as a mage, placing him in the powerful Demon Lord class. But first, since Arata and his newfound magical talents are far too dangerous to leave to their own devices, he’s immediately whisked off to the Royal Biblia Academy. 

That’s where he’ll meet seven beautiful female mages whose powers are intrinsically tied to the same sins that Arata has to master to put his world back together. Of course, the tricky part is that they have their own plans for him as well!  The lessons in sin are about to begin as Arata takes on the TRINITY SEVEN!



Created in Kochi in 1954, Yosakoi incorporates modern music and classic Japanese dance into a unique fusion performed in teams. However, while Yosakoi has become a growing phenomenon with huge festivals held across Japan, it’s never been more than a blip on high school student Naru Sekia’s cultural radar.

Not that much has ever really grabbed Naru’s attention. She’s average in grades, average in sports and in art…really, the only thing that has ever caught her fancy is reading fairy tales. Until the day she encounters her own personal “fairy”: Hana, an American exchange student who is determined to start a Yosakoi dancing club at their school.

Entranced by Hana’s beauty and skill, Naru and her friends find themselves caught up in the whirlwind world of Yosakoi. It won’t be easy and just getting the club sponsored will be a trial, but between the movement, the melodies, and the friendship, Naru may have finally found a fairy tale of her own in Hanayamata!

DRAMAtical Murder

DRAMAtical Murder

Nothing on Midorijima has been the same since the powerful Toue Konzern forced the original population into the Old Residential District and converted the rest of the island into the exclusive resort Platinum Jail. Despite that, Aoba Seragaki has tried to build a normal life for himself, working part-time in a junk shop and hanging out with his friends and his A.I. “pet” AllMate, Ren.

But when Aoba is drawn into the shady underworld that surrounds the popular virtual game Rhyme, the universe that he thought he knew falls apart. If deja vu describes the sensation of experiencing something that you think you may have done before, what is it called when other people seem to recognize you for doing things that you don’t remember doing?

All Aoba knows is that there are gaps in his memory, people are disappearing, and a secret buried in his own mind may be the only keys to revelation!

When Supernatural Battle Became Commonplace

When Supernatural Battle Became Commonplace

Half a year ago, the four members of a literature club, as well as the elementary school niece of their faculty adviser, were bestowed with supernatural powers. The boy in the club, Ando Jurai, became able to produce black flames. The girls acquired a variety of powerful abilities: Tomoyo could slow, speed, or stop time, Hatoko could control the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind, light), little Chifuyu could create things, and Sayumi could repair objects or heal living things. However, since they gained these powers, nothing has really changed in their everyday life. Why have they been given these powers in the first place? Will the heroic fantasy life they imagined these powers would bring ever actually arrive?

Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village. The village where Uzumaki Naruto, star of the TV show “Naruto” makes his home. Every day, countless powerful ninjas carry out missions and train to hone their skills.

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Our main character is one of these powerful ninjas…but it’s not Naruto! It’s the ninja who can’t use ninjutsu, Rock Lee.

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