Sugimoto Is On the Move in New Key Visuals for Golden Kamuy Season 3

Golden Kamuy

By Briana Lawrence

Saichi Sugimoto’s quest continues in these two new key visuals for the upcoming Golden Kamuy Season 3!

The two visuals, revealed on the series’ official Twitter account, are the perfect pieces to crank up the anticipation—not that you should ever need more of a reason to be excited for Golden Kamuy.

The visuals of Sugimoto and his comrades marching forward as Asirpa looks back fit perfectly with the footnote of Season 2. In case you need a refresher, the two protagonists have been separated, Sugimoto believed to be dead…for about two seconds.

Sugimoto and Asirpa look to be on their own quests, but from the determined look on Sugimoto’s face, it’s clear that he’s got a “particular set of skills” to make good on his promise to find her so that they’re together again.

Golden Kamuy Season 3 starts its broadcast on October 5 and will air on Tokyo MX.

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Based on Satoru Noda’s manga series, Golden Kamuy stars an immortal veteran named Saichi Sugimoto. Technically he’s not immortal, but if you ever have the misfortune of facing him in battle, you’ll be doomed to remember the name.

Since no anime character can lead a peaceful life after war ends, Sugimoto hears a rumor about a hidden trove of gold that is, of course, absolutely true…assuming you can find it via the 24 prisoners who have parts of the map tattooed on them.

Sugimoto sets off to find the gold with the help of Asirpa, a young girl who learns her father was much more involved in the insidious mystery behind the gold than she expected.

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