Go Vote, It’s What Heroes Do.

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Anime heroes aren’t quiet. Protagonists don’t let opportunities to change things slip by. Voting for the leadership of your country is speaking up about your opinion. And, in case you weren’t sure, your opinion means the world.

No, we don’t care who you vote for.

We really don’t. This isn’t about who. This is about you, and how you value your efforts.

We care that you go vote. For anyone. Just. Go.

Why? Because anime fans are the most passionate, expressive, and thoughtful people on planet Earth. We know that for a fact. You have opinions about sub versus dub, about best girls and best boys, about manga versus anime. Opinions we’ve seen you defend until you’re out of breath.

And it would be an absolute shame if, in this moment, you decided to stay silent because you thought your vote didn’t matter. That would be crushing. Your opinion about national leadership is just as valid.

It can be a little tough figuring out where and how to vote. We don’t want that to stop you.

vote.gov is a non-partisan site that not only helps you register, but will direct you to other voting and election resources.

All of us at some point have dreamt about the day when we get a chance to shine. A moment when all our emotions gather in our clenched fists, our eyes go white, we have about 10 minutes of flashbacks, and we yell indiscriminately into the air until energy radiates from us in catastrophic rings. Yes. We’ve all hoped for the moment when we had the power to do something.

And yes, we’re telling you that going to vote is your anime protagonist moment. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it to you, as you stand at the booth with a pencil in your hand in an awkwardly silent room. But to us, your hair is glowing, your outfit just transformed, and there are shock waves at your feet. That’s how you look to us when you stand for something.