Log Horizon Season 3 Arrives January 2021, NHK Confirms

Log Horizon Season 3

By Sean Aitchison

Fret not, Log Horizon fans! NHK has confirmed the isekai series is officially returning this January!

Originally planned for an October premiere, the upcoming season was delayed due to COVID-19. The third season’s title is Log Horizon: Entaku Hokai (Destruction of the Round Table), named after the original novels’ 12th volume, and it will be the first new set of episodes since the second season aired in 2014!

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The Japanese voice cast are set to reprise their previous roles in the series, and Studio DEEN is once again behind the anime’s production. Additionally, key staff members return for the new season: Shoji Masuda as story supervisor, Shinji Ishihira as director, Toshizo Nemoto on series composition, Shoji Hata as sound director and Yasuharu Takanashi as composer. 

Log Horizon, based on the light novel series from Mamare Touno and Kazuhiro Hara, began airing in 2013. The series tells the story of Shiroe and thousands of other frequent players of the fictional MMORPG Elder Tale, as they suddenly find themselves living in the world of the game after a mysterious update.

Throughout the series, they must not only overcome the trials of the fantasy world, but also adjust to full-time life in the game, learning the ins and outs of how its mechanics work, dealing with evil players, working to broker peace with NPCs and searching for answers about what put them in Elder Tale in the first place!

Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table will air on E-Tele (NHK Educational) in Japan on January 13. A promotional video for the upcoming season can be viewed here

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