Hop Aboard! Rail Romanesque Joins the Funimation Fall 2020 Anime Lineup

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Nicholas Friedman
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An anime…about trains? That’s right, Rail Romanesque is officially joining the Funimation Fall 2020 anime lineup, so let the hype train roll!

Revitalization and new life have rolled into Ohitoyoshi. To celebrate, the city is hosting the first Maitetsu Festival, an event where young ladies who represent train engines and railway lines, also known as Railords, can gather.

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Inspired by the incoming fleet, young Railord Suzushiro decides to host a summit where Railords can share their wisdom and trains of thought.

Rail Romanesque

From studio Saetta and director Hisayoshi Hirasawa, Rail Romanesque has a stacked Japanese voice actor lineup, including:

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