We’re Still Jamming to the New One Piece Opening From Da-iCE

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You may caught a lovely One Piece video message from group Da-iCE during the Funimation Fall Preview LIVESTREAM. And, well, if you’re like us, you haven’t stopped jamming to “DREAMIN’ ON” since you first heard it a couple of months ago.

“DREAMIN’ ON” is the current opening theme song for the One Piece anime, as Luffy and his Straw Hat crew make their way further into the Land of Wano. The song is the perfect representation of Luffy’s adventure and just gives off this bold feeling!

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Seriously, just check out the band’s music video for the track and tell us you don’t want to sing this one at the top of your lungs. Go on, we’ll wait.

And this isn’t the first time Da-iCE has worked on an anime theme. They previously performed the ending theme for The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, which began airing earlier this year.

And, thankfully, “DREAMIN’ ON” isn’t the band’s only One Piece track either. They also included a cover of the series’ first opening, “We Are” in one of the releases. And yes it rules.

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So go ahead, jam out to the music video or the anime opening below, and let us know in a few days when you can’t get the earworm out. It’s that good.

And, of course, you can stay up-to-date on all things One Piece right here on Funimation, from the ongoing simulcast episodes to new batches of the One Piece English dub!

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