More Bigscreen Anime Coming in October


Get ready for more anime in VR, because we’re breaking down the titles coming to the Bigscreen virtual cinema this month!

This slate includes some favorite box office hits, and it packs some serious heat, drama and spooks! Also, all of these titles will be available as video on-demand in Bigscreen after their screening.

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Check out what’s coming to the virtual theater this month below, and let us know what you’re excited about! And for more info on our partnership with Bigscreen, head here.

Coming in October

Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2019) | October 3 & 11 (D) | 12pm CT

Knowing that there are increasingly powerful forces in the universe that he has yet to encounter, Goku spends all of his time training to achieve even greater strength. But, one fateful day a mysterious new Saiyan appears before Goku and Vegeta: Broly. How can a Saiyan—a member of the proud warrior race that was completely annihilated after the destruction of Planet Vegeta—appear here on Earth? With Frieza’s return from hell, a fierce battle awaits the three mighty Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies.

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9Your Name. (2018) | October 4 (S) & 18 (D) | 12pm CT

Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives until they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, and he in hers. This occurrence happens randomly, and they must adjust their lives around each other. Yet, somehow, it works. They build a connection by leaving notes for one another until they wish to finally meet. But something stronger than distance may keep them apart.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018) | October 17 (S) | 12pm CT

Deku and his friends take on a daring rescue operation when villains hack into I-Expo—the world’s leading hero item exhibition. All Might is trapped by their sinister plan, and his best hope for saving everyone lies in the new generation of heroes.

Tokyo Ghoul (2017) | October 24 (S) | 12pm CT

Ken Kaneki’s only chance for survival is an organ donation that turns him into a ghoul-human hybrid. Confused and alone, he finds sanctuary at Anteiku—a café run by the people he once considered monsters. When the innocent members of this ghoul safe house are threatened by humanity’s taste for vengeance, Kaneki will risk life and limb to protect the very world that changed his own.

Parasyte (2014) | October 30 (S) | Part 1 – 12pm CT & Part 2 – 4pm CT

When a parasitic species suddenly invades, one of the creatures missed its mark. And in that moment, Shinichi Izumi’s life changed forever. While his brain was spared, his right arm was taken over by the parasite, Migi. Now, the two must learn to coexist while the rest of Migi’s kind attempt to take over the human race. Can Shinichi fight the invading species while maintaining his own humanity? Based on the hit anime!

I Am A Hero (2016) | October 31 (S) | 12pm CT 

Based on the celebrated horror manga I Am a Hero comes a live-action film adaptation that’s bound to get your blood flowing! Thirty-five-year-old assistant manga artist Hideo Suzuki leads an unsatisfying, tedious life. But when a virus outbreak hits Japan turning the infected into mindless cannibals, it’s his chance to become the hero he’s always daydreamed he could be, even if it kills him.