Fans Shocked (Again) by Higurashi: When They Cry β€” GOU With Major Episode 4 Revelation

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Haley Whisennand
Funimation Community Manager. Colorado native. Listens to a lot of anime OSTs.

We’re only a month into the Fall 2020 season and Higurashi fans new and old have already experienced several surprises. With the launch of Episode 4, viewers discovered that Higurashi: When They Cry β€” GOU is actually a completely new series, not a reboot.

We won’t tell you what happened (you’ll just have to go see for yourself), but based on the reactions across Twitter after the episode aired, it’s easy to say that this was a twist that no one was expecting.

Note: While these reactions are all spoiler-free, we definitely recommend checking out Episode 4 before looking at anything else on the internet.

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