MAGATSU WAHRHEIT Mobile Game Now Available Worldwide


By Yali Perez

Are you watching MAGATSU WAHRHEIT this season? Well, it’s about to get even more exciting, because the role-playing mobile game that inspired the series has been officially released worldwide!

The game was originally released in Japan in April 2019 by KLab, and quickly garnered fan acclaim. Mobimon announced plans earlier this month to launch the game in English, and as of Wednesday, it’s now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

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If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you’ll feel right at home in the story of the game, as you fight to protect Wahrheit from the menace of the Light!

The game’s scenario was written by Miwa Shoda, of Final Fantasy XII fame, with composer Masaru Yokoyama (Your lie in April) creating the theme song. Characters were designed by Third Echoes, with concept art from Yoko Tsukamoto and Hiroaki Ueno.

Funimation describes the anime series as such: “Based on the popular RPG game from KLab. In the Wahrheit Empire, humanity’s spirit remains fragmented from a disaster in the past where many lives were lost to bloodthirsty monsters who were once summoned.

But the fate of the capital is about to drastically change when shy transport worker Innumael and naive Empire soldier Leocadio get caught up in a smuggling incident.”

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