Shinra and Company 8 Headline Fire Force Tees Line from Atsuko 🔥

Fire Force Season 2 Shinra

Ever wanted to be a part of Special Fire Force Company 8? Well, this is about as close as we can get with a new Fire Force T-shirt line dropping from Atsuko.

The collab between Funimation and Atsuko features three different tee designs, spotlighting the main character of Fire Force, Shinra Kusakabe, and some group shots of his crewmates in Company 8.

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First up, this long-sleeve tee kinda rules, with the Japanese logo for the series emblazoned on the back, and the Company 8 shield on one of the sleeves. Plus an awesome vector graphic of the Fire Force crew on the front. This one’s going in the cart.

Then, Shinra takes center stage on this tee design that comes in black and red or white and blue, each with Designed-On-A-T-Shirt-Man on the front, showing off his pyrokinetic abilities.

Then there’s a version of the vector design from the long-sleeve, but in short-sleeve! You can snag this one in white and red, blue and red, or black and red, and yes, we kinda do want all three…

You can catch all these and more at the Atsuko website. Látom.

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