Cells at Work!! and Cells at Work! CODE BLACK Get Our Blood Pumping with New Trailers, January Release Date

By Rafael Motamayor

Get ready for a hilarious and educational double-header! Cells at Work! is coming back strong in 2021 with not one, but two series dedicated to showing how your body works so hard to keep you alive. And they’re airing back-to-back!

The official Twitter account for the Cells at Work! series revealed that both Cells at Work!! as well as the spin-off anime Cells at Work! CODE BLACK will premiere on January 9, with the main show airing first, followed by the spin-off.

The account also shared a new promo for the main series, which gave fans a quick peek at the second season’s ending theme, “Fight!!” by ClariS.

And as if that wasn’t enough to get us pumped for January, the official account for Cells at Work! CODE BLACK also released a new promo to celebrate the show’s upcoming premiere.

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Cells at Work! follows a healthy body fighting against the millions of bacteria, viruses, and other things threatening the host body. Meanwhile, CODE BLACK focuses on a very unhealthy body facing drinking, smoking, stress, sleep deprivation and more. With the world still affected by a pandemic, it’s the perfect time to watch a show that’s all about your body fighting illnesses.

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