My Hero Academia Accounts Release Mysterious Teasers for New Project

Bakugo Quirks MHA

Who doesn’t love a good teaser? My Hero Academia fans were in for a surprise Sunday night when three accounts associated with the series dropped clues hinting at something new in the works.

The official Japanese Twitter accounts for the TV series, the movies, and the manga all shared part of a phrase, as well as a link to their respective websites, where a different teaser image appeared.

The first teaser came from the TV series’ official account, which simply shared the phrase HE WILL ME, along with a link to the anime’s official website, where an image of Bakugo appeared.

The My Hero Academia movies account shared the second teaser, posting the phrase ET “THE THREE MU and linking to the movies’ website, where an image of Deku was displayed.

The third teaser, this time from the manga’s official Twitter account, included the phrase SKETEERS”. and linked to the My Hero Academia section of the Shonen Jump website, where a Todoroki image popped up.

Together, the three teaser phrases form the sentence HE WILL MEET “THE THREE MUSKETEERS”.

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It isn’t clear what the mysterious teasers are for, but each image showed the students in awesome new uniforms that neither anime nor manga fans have seen before.

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