Let The STONE WARS Begin in New Trailer & Visual for Dr. STONE Season 2


The STONE WARS are upon us! We’re excited to reveal a brand new key visual and trailer for the upcoming second season of Dr. STONE, featuring characters from both the Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire getting ready to duke it out!

You can take a look at the key visual and trailer below, with the battle lines now drawn. On one side, Senku and his band of villagers and scientists, including Gen, Chrome, Kohaku and Suika!

dr. stone season 2

On the other, Tsukasa looms with his crew, and many mysterious faces we’ll surely come to know in the second season.

Also announced was the official start date for the series Japanese simulcast: January 14. You’ll be able to catch the SimulDub™ of Dr. Stone: STONE WARS right here on Funimation, with details to come on its premiere date, which will be after simulcast.

Dr. STONE stunned when its anime debuted in 2019, showing off a unique post-modern world where science seeks to prevail over pure strength. We can’t wait to see what happens in the second season!

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