Fans React to Episode 1 of Attack on Titan Final Season 😱

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 1 Reaction

We know the wait has been hard for Attack on Titan Final Season. After all, the series left us with plenty of questions when Eren and Co. reached the sea. But look at us, Episode 1 has premiered and It. Is. Awesome!

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We scoured social media for some our favorite reactions to the first episode of the new season, which premiered this past Sunday. If you’ve been waiting to jump in, let these reactions convince you!

And a special thank-you to all of the creators who gave us permission to include their posts here.

Warning: Spoilers are ahead!

Attack on Titan Final Season breaks the internet!

MAPPA comes out swinging!

Enough said.


Um, us too!

This tweet speaks for itself.

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