Black Clover Season 4 Debuts the Dark Triad in New Key Visual

Black Clover Season 4

Onward toward the Spade Kingdom! We’re excited to reveal a brand new key visual for Black Clover Season 4, which will air dubbed on Funimation!

The latest key visual for Studio Pierrot’s shounen epic features the members of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad, a group of formidable foes that Asta and the Black Bulls will have to take on after some training.

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Season 3 has been an action-packed adventure, and we can’t wait to see where the next season of Black Clover takes this beloved cast of characters. One thing you can count on, however, is that magic will be involved.

Black Clover Season 3 is currently airing dubbed on Funimation, as our production teams continue to work on the series while at home. There’s plenty to catch up on, so if you haven’t jumped in yet, now’s the time!

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