The Funimation Blog 2020 Year in Review

Radical Edward Cowboy Bebop

It’s been…a year. But we’re not here to focus on that. We’re here to focus on anime, and I’m so excited to share with you some of the work we’ve done on The Funimation Blog in the past 12 months.

In 2020, we dove deep into what it means to be an anime fan and brought you everything from anime music videos to analysis of our favorite series to breaking anime news direct from Japan.

I’m so incredibly proud of the work the editorial team has done this year, and I wanted to take this time to show it off! Take a look below at some of this year’s highlights, and as always, read more on The Funimation Blog.

We asked: What Are You Watching?

Yu Yu Hakusho grief

Earlier this year, we wanted to know the shows that made you happy, and why. Why? Well, because anime is something we can use to explore new worlds, revisit nostalgic favorites or to connect with others.

We wrote 20 pieces on 20 shows in 20 weeks. Check them out here.

We had plenty of fun.

Vegeta Mom's Guide to Anime

Look. Humor is one of the best medicines out there, and with writers Sean Aitchison and Yali Perez, we had a little bit of fun!

So, You Want to Befriend the Bad Guy? A Shounen Anime Guide to Friendship

So, You Want to Get Stronger? A Shounen Guide to Working Out

Anime & Dating: How to Use Lessons From Anime in Your New Relationship 💕

We welcomed new fans.

Maybe you want to start Black Clover. Or Naruto. Or Hunter x Hunter. It can be hard to find a place to start when there’s SO much out there, and when your friends are telling you to watch everything. 👀

The Funimation Beginners’ Guide series is here to help.

We had takes.

Endeavor Screenshot 1

Is Endeavor truly the perfect No. 1 Hero? Or is he just perfect for modern society? Briana Lawrence knocked this one out of the park with a critical look at a controversial character.

But we also shared our favorite shows for Halloween, anime that lets us explore the stars and so much more!

We showcased some of the amazing studios in Japan!

ufotable. SILVER LINK. Madhouse. You know the names, but have you seen all of the anime? We spent the year breaking down the incredible portfolios of some of the most prolific studios in Japan.

The Works of SILVER LINK., From Baka & Test to Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

The Works of MAPPA, From Terror in Resonance to Sarazanmai

The Works of David Production, From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to Fire Force

The Works of ufotable, From Fate/Zero to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

We shared our favorite fights, Ein moments and SMAAAAAASSSSHHHHH!

We welcomed Dan Maiorana to The Funimation Blog with a handful of Top 5 anime moments, and then he teamed up with writer Sean Aitchison to bring Rewatchable Anime to life!

We celebrated love!

Utena Screenshot 1

We love love! From Pride Month to Valentine’s Day, we celebrated the anime we love…well…about love with writers like Aedan Juvet, Briana Lawrence and Kathleen Townsend.

Anime to Watch When Your Partner Loves Rom-Coms and You Don’t 💔

Positive LGBTQ+ Messages Anime Has Taught Me

The Importance of LGBTQ+ Love and Acceptance Through Anime

We gushed about Daisuke. Because Daisuke.

Data master Liam Dempsey broke down the costs of Daisuke’s exploits in The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED and Deanna Nguyen reminded us why we should all be watching.

The Real Price of Being The Millionaire Detective 💸

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED

We looked back at some seriously important anime.

With Cheyenne Ewulu and an incredible producing team including Lauren Moore, we looked back at some of the most important anime of the last 30 years in Funimation Flashback! Of course, we started with Yu Yu Hakusho.

We chilled out with some amazing music.

Open Mike Eagle. FLOW. LiSA. It was a big year for anime and music.

Catch the FLOW Concert Experience Only on Funimation

MAN WITH A MISSION Meets Demon Slayer in the Halloween-Themed Concert We’ve Been Waiting For

We’re Still Jamming to the New One Piece Opening From Da-iCE

SuperM’s Taeyong Channels Todoroki Hero Vibe on Twitter 🔥❄️

And we looked at our favorites in a whole new light.

Cowboy Bebop

At 27, I Have Never Related to Cowboy Bebop More

The Incredible Worldbuilding of Violet Evergarden

A major thank you to this incredible group of writers, editors and creators for bringing these stories to life, and for celebrating one of the things that continues to bring us all together: anime!

Here’s to 2021!