LBX Girls Anime Gets Promo Video and Opening Theme Preview

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Kathleen Townsend
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By Kathleen Townsend

The exciting anime news continues? On Monday, the official Japanese website for the upcoming LBX Girls anime series posted its very first full promo video!

The preview is about two minutes long and is packed with exciting moments and information, including a snippet of the opening theme song, “Dream hopper,” from Rikako Aida. We also get a quick look at some of the series’ 3D CG battle scenes.

The website also showed off a shorter preview for Episode 1, which is airing in Japan later this week and will be streaming right here on Funimation.

The anime is based off of Soko Musume Mizel Rem Crisis, the rebooted version of the mecha franchise. LBX Girls is the story of Riko, a girl who gets transported to an alternate Japan during a field trip. In this alternate world are Mimesis, metal-based life forms that ravage the world.

Only LBX armored weaponry equipped by girls can defeat them. Riko, along with several other girls who were thrown into this other world, now has the hope of the whole world on her shoulders.

LBX Girls

From studio A-CAT (Frame Arms GirlTAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls) and director Keitaro Motonaga (Date A LiveJormungand), LBX Girls stars voice actors Rikako Aida (Love Live! Sunshine!!) as Riko, Rie Murakawa (My Hero Academia) as Yui, Saki Miyashita (Harukana Receive) as Suzuno, Saori Onishi (Food Wars!) as Kyouka and Ayaka Fukuhara (Fairy gone) as Miharu.

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