MARS RED Opening Theme To Be Performed by WagakkiBand

MARS RED News Blog

By Kathleen Townsend

As hype mounts for the upcoming Funimation co-production and stage reading adaptation, MARS RED, news about the series’ opening theme is now official, and it will be performed by WagakkiBand!

Announced during the band’s New Year’s Party 2021, the opening theme song for MARS RED is titled “Seimei no Aria” or “Aria of Life” in English.

And fret not, the band is no stranger to anime opening and ending songs! Previously, WagakkiBand performed the opening songs for the Attack on Titan live-action TV series and the first opening for Twin Star Exorcists. They also performed the opening and ending songs for Samurai Warriors, as well as the ending song of Holmes of Kyoto.

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Their combination of rock and traditional Japanese music always makes for memorable tunes, and we can’t wait to hear this jam when MARS RED, adapted from the dramatic stage reading of Bun-O FUJISAWA, comes exclusively to Funimation this spring.

MARS RED takes place in 1923 in a world where vampires are very real, and their numbers keep increasing. When the artificial blood source Ascra appears, the Japanese government creates Code Zero, an army unit specially tasked with taking down these vampires.

This information-seeking-turned-vampire-hunting unit needs to put a stop to things before society as we know it crumbles. And what better way to fight vampires than using a vampire themselves?