The Best Anime Dads and Father Figures, Determined by YOU!

Dr. STONE Byakuya Anime Dads

By Chelsea Cruz

Last week, we challenged you to name a 10/10 dad from a 10/10 anime.

And, oh boy, you all came through! Of course, this list doesn’t just include amazing biological anime fathers, but father figures too! Here are your best dad picks from some of the best anime out there.

Soichiro Yagami from Death Note

A dad who’s dependable and always on your side, Soichiro Yagami proves that family is always first.

As Death Note progresses, and it becomes abundantly clear that L is right and Light (his son) is the killer, Soichiro holds strong and defends his boy until his final breath, holding onto hope.

Byakuya Ishigami from Dr. STONE 

He’s the dad so nice they named a community after him!

The Stone World might seem grim, but Byakuya has done his best to prepare the new worlds for the day his son Senku breaks free and starts a scientific revolution.

Isshin Kurosaki from Bleach

I mean, just look at that! That’s a truly professional dad-style wake-up call.

We stan a father who is on time, because there is absolutely no excuse for being late to dinner. Come on, Ichigo!

Shiro Fujimoto from Blue Exorcist

Sometimes, all you need is a hug from a sturdy dad, and Shiro Fujimoto is basically the only person able to calm Rin down. You know, the son of Satan.

And although he often shows a little too much love to the female figure, he’s still a father figure. Yes, that was a bad joke.

Shota Aizawa from My Hero Academia

The perfect father exists to nonchalantly believe in you. While not an actual dad, this sleepy guy might be tired, but he proves time and time again just how much he cares for his students.

Gotta give a shout to All Might for this very same reason!

Edward Newgate a.k.a. Whitebeard from One Piece

The strongest—nay, the BIGGEST—of dads, Whitebeard.

Seriously. Just by adopting all of his crewmates, he has accumulated the most dad energy of all.

Leorio Paradinight from Hunter x Hunter

We love a friend dad. What’s that? Well, that’s a smart friend who will protect you at all costs—from your real dad.

Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z

Look, we know Piccolo isn’t really a father, but he sure as heck goes a long way to protecting and training a number of the Saiyan children in Dragon Ball Z, even stepping in while Goku or Vegeta are absent. (Bonus shoutout to Vegeta!)

Piccolo’s best qualities lie in the teachable moments he has with Gohan, Goten and Trunks throughout the series.

Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

What can we say? Maes Hughes makes a supreme case for being the #1 dad in anime, plus he’s Colonel Mustang’s best friend.

But look, he’s the epitome of a good guy, caring immensely for his family and, most importantly, his daughter Elicia. From day one, he was welcome, heartwarming and vulnerable.

Hold on, we’re still crying.

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