SK8 the Infinity to Bust More Tricks in Spinoff Manga Adaptation 🛹

SK8 the Infinity

By Deanna Nguyen

Rad news for skaters and fans of SK8 the Infinity—a spinoff manga is in the works! 

Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine revealed the announcement in the February issue ahead of the anime premiere. Titled SK8 Chill Out!, the manga will focus on the friendships among the skaters and showcase even more gnarly skateboard races!

Toriyasu is in charge of drawing the manga, which will launch on Kadokawa’s Young Ace UP manga website. 

SK8 the Infinity is an original anime project directed by Hiroko Utsumi (Free!, Banana Fish) and produced by animation studio BONES (Mob Psycho 100, Eureka Seven). 

The show follows Reki, a passionate skateboarder who is hooked on a dangerous skateboard race called “S” where rules don’t apply. He meets Langa, a transfer student from Canada who has never skateboarded but has a history of snowboarding.

After a slip-up in delivering a customer’s commissioned skateboard, Langa decides to step in for Reki just before the race starts. All different kinds of skateboarders will compete in the “youth skateboard race battle,” hoping to prove themselves as the best of the best.

Excited to see more of the skater boys? Make sure to catch SK8 the Infinity, now streaming on Funimation!