MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD Punches Up This April With New Teaser Visual, Trailer 🥊

Megalobox Season 2

Get ready to return to the ring, because a new teaser visual and trailer just dropped for the upcoming MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD, the follow-up to the fan-favorite action anime series coming this spring!

TMS Entertainment has revealed the latest visual for the second season of MEGALOBOX, now sporting an updated title: MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD. The visual, from director Yo Moriyama, shows “Gearless” Joe covered in scars against a stylistic red backdrop.


But now…he’s known only as Nomad…

Also revealed was a brand-new PV for the series, showing off a bit of what Joe’s been up to in the seven years since the final episode of Season 1.

Whatever is in store, fans can expect high-octane boxing matches, some serious life moments and a cast of characters who just ooze personality. Can you tell we’re excited for the return of MEGALOBOX?

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Based on Tomorrow’s Joe by Asao Takamori and Tetsuya Chiba, MEGALOBOX first aired in 2018 as part of the 50th anniversary celebration for the classic manga series.

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