Fruits Basket The Final Season Reveals New Teaser Visual, Emotional Thank-You from Takaya-sensei

Fruits Basket the Final Season

We’re not ready for it to end! Thanks to our incredible partners at TV Tokyo, we’re excited to reveal the teaser visual for the upcoming Fruits Basket The Final Season, the final chapter in the full anime adaptation of the Fruits Basket manga.

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The gorgeous new visual reveals Tohru Honda in what looks like a state of anguish, back-to-back with Akito Soma, whom Tohru first met in Fruits Basket Season 1. Billed as the main antagonist of the series and the “god” of the zodiac, this teaser sets us up for what is sure to be a very emotional final season.

Also shared with us was a heartfelt message from Fruits Basket mangaka Natsuki Takaya, who shared her thanks for those who helped to make this production happen, and to the fans of the manga and anime for sticking with her:

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After two seasons, the Fruits Basket anime is about to enter its final chapter.

I just… Wow. This must have been ton of work for the staff.

I have personal experience with the pressure to keep running, and with what it feels like to encounter all sorts of difficulties along the way, so I’m just full of gratitude and appreciation for everyone involved in the production.

And to all of you readers and viewers, I’ll be honored if you stick with these characters and see which path each of them lands on in the end—as well as where those paths lead.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the final season to the very end.

Natsuki Takaya

No, you’re crying.

With the second season of Fruits Basket behind us, the wait for Fruits Basket The Final Season begins, with a broadcast set for 2021.

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