Ready for Battle: Sakura Wars the Animation English Dub Arrives on Funimation

Sakura Wars the Animation English Dub

You’ve played the game. You’ve seen the movie. But have you watched the latest anime series? We’re excited to announce that all 12 episodes of the Sakura Wars the Animation English dub are coming to Funimation!

Starting February 2 (that’s tomorrow!), you’ll be able to experience the entire adventure in English dub for the first time, so binge to your heart’s content! We know we will be.

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The series follows the division as they face a renewed demonic invasion and deal with a tournament, all while working to keep their beloved Imperial Theater open and operating.

Sakura Wars the Animation originally aired as part of the Spring 2020 anime season. Check out the full cast and crew for the series below!

SakuraCherami Leigh
AnastasiaStephanie Young
AzamiSarah Wiedenheft
ClarissaAmanda Gish
EliseEmily Neves
HakushuLuci Christian
HatsuhoAmber Lee Connors
KamiyamaIan Sinclair
KanzakiMichelle Ruff
KaoruMonica Rial
KlaraLindsay Seidel
KomachiTia Ballard
LancelotFelecia Angelle
LeylaTerri Doty
ADR DirectorStephen Hoff
Mix EngineerRawly Pickens
ADR ScriptwriterTerri Doty

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