Play Ball! TAMAYOMI : The Baseball Girls English Dub Comes to Funimation ⚾️

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You can never have too much sports anime in your life! We’re excited to announce that all 12 episodes of the TAMAYOMI : The Baseball Girls English dub are coming to Funimation!

Starting February 2 (that’s tomorrow!), you’ll be able to experience this entire school sports series in English dub, from start to finish. So if you’re looking for something to binge, we’ve got you covered.

The English dub for the series stars Megan Shipman (My Hero Academia, The Day I Became a God) as Yomi and Kristen McGuire (Dr. STONE, Assault Lily BOUQUET) as Tamaki, as the two reunite to take their love of baseball to new heights. Does the national championship await?

TAMAYOMI : The Baseball Girls originally aired as part of the Spring 2020 anime season. Check out the full cast and crew list for the series below!

YomiMegan Shipman
TamakiKristen McGuire
KyoukaKatelyn Barr
ReiJulie Shields
RisaKristi Rothrock
RyoMacy Anne Johnson
SumireSarah Roach
KazumiAmber Lee Connors
NozomiEmily Neves
ShiragikuDawn M. Bennett
ADR DirectorRawly Pickens
Assistant DirectorsMegan Shipman, Alexis Tipton, Stephen Hoff, Briana Villarreal
ADR EngineersRawly Pickens, Austin Sisk, Jose Sandoval, Manuel Aragon, Stephen Hoff, Briana Villarreal
ADR ScriptwriterEmily Neves

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