The Prince of Tennis CG Film Serves Up Returning Cast, New Visuals

The Prince of Tennis Movie

By Yali Perez

The Prince of Tennis returns in his upcoming feature film, and some familiar faces from the original anime are making their return!

The official website for Ryōma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis revealed brand-new visuals of the film’s characters, as well as confirmation that a number of the original anime voice cast would be returning for it.

In addition to Junko Minagawa (Yona of the Dawn, Code Geass) returning as the titular Prince of Tennis, Ryoma Echizen, the film also sees the return of Takashi Matsuyama (FAIRY TAIL, Assassination Classroom) as Nanjiro Echizen, Ryotaro Okiayu (Bleach, Fate/Zero) as Kunimitsu Tezuko, Junichi Suwabe (My Hero Academia, Kuroko’s Basketball) as Keigo Atobe and Mikako Takahashi (Food Wars!, Super Robot Taisen OG The Animation) as Sakuno Ryuzaki.

The new visuals show how each of the series’ iconic characters have been adapted into the new 3DCG format.

From The Monk Studios and Keica, and directed by Hiroshi Koujina, Ryōma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis hits theaters in Japan on September 3, with the original mangaka, Takeshi Konomi, writing the insert songs!

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