SK8 the Infinity Frontside Kickflips Into Manga Adaptation

SK8 the Infinity English Dub

By Deanna Nguyen

Remember the news about SK8 the Infinity getting a spinoff manga? Well, here’s more sick news: It’s also getting a main series manga adaptation! 

E-book store BookLive! will publish the SK8 the Infinity manga in Japan in March, with Kazuto Kohjima as the manga artist.

The spinoff comedy manga, called SK8 Chill Out! and drawn by Toriyasu, launched on Kadokawa’s Young Ace UP manga website in January. The story focuses on the friendships among the skaters and their skateboard races.

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SK8 the Infinity is an anime original project created and directed by Hiroko Utsumi (Free!, Banana Fish) and produced by studio Bones (Mob Psycho 100, My Hero Academia). The show premiered in January and will run for 12 episodes. 

The anime follows Reki, a high schooler who’s passionate about skateboarding, and Langa, a transfer student from Canada who’s new to the skateboarding world.

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Reki mentors Langa on how to properly skateboard after the latter miraculously wins an “S” race by utilizing his snowboarding skills. Langa quickly catches the attention of ADAM, who’s known as the best skateboarder of “S,” and gets roped into a dangerous race battle. 

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