Digital Soundtracks for PROMARE, KILL la KILL, Blue Exorcist and More to Release February 12

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Deanna Nguyen
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By Deanna Nguyen

Hiroyuki Sawano fans, do you hear that? That’s right, his Aniplex music catalog will be available digitally on Feb. 12. And guys, we are SO excited.

Milan Records announced on Twitter that more than a dozen of Sawano’s soundtracks from popular anime shows and films will finally get a digital release for international fans. Here’s the full lineup:

There’s still no word on physical releases for these soundtracks, but PROMARE will be getting a vinyl edition starting April 16. If you loved the movie, which premiered in the U.S. in 2019, you’ll want to snag a copy and add it to your collection! 

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga Screenshot 1

In a press release, Sawano commented, “I’m really happy that the soundtracks for these Aniplex titles, which I have composed, will be released digitally overseas. From Blue Exorcist in 2011 to PROMARE in 2019, each of these soundtracks [has] had a great influence on my career and current musical activities. I hope you enjoy the music and it adds to the world of each anime title.”

On a scale of one to epic, how excited are you for Sawano’s soundtracks to hit digital music streaming platforms this Friday? Get ready to grab your headphones or turn up your speakers and belt out to some of anime’s best OSTs! 

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