Funimation Reveals Colossal Merch Program for Attack on Titan

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Nicholas Friedman
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The battle may be raging on in Attack on Titan Final Season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support your favorite Scouts, reminisce on the memories of the series and maybe…finally…snag a Levi statue for your desk.

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Funimation is excited to announce a COLOSSAL merchandise and licensing plan for Attack on Titan Final Season, with a commemorative campaign that features the likes of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Sasha and more, and the iconic Beast and Colossal Titans.

Oh, and even MORE drops are being planned.

Attack on Titan was part of the anime renaissance as storytelling became bolder and even more sophisticated,” said Anna Songco Adamian, Funimation Vice President of Licensing & Merchandise. 

“Funimation’s consumer products program saw a parallel trajectory of success in product development and retail distribution. The care in curation we put behind our licensing and merchandising program—along with our omni-channel approach for fan engagement—is part of Funimation’s success story with Attack on Titan.”

And y’all…this program is big. Don’t believe us? Well, how about the first statue in this collection from high-end collectibles manufacturer Oniri Creations? It features one of the most iconic scenes in all of Attack on Titan, with Levi taking on the Female Titan.

“We are thrilled to create statues of Attack on Titan characters,” says Kevin Lapi, CEO of Oniri Creations. “We put a lot of effort in working on details, and we are looking forward to revealing our new statue to the fans!”

You’ll want to act fast, because these are limited to 999 units. More details and info on a second statue to come this spring.

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Of course, we’ve also got apparel and accessories coming from the team at Ripple Junction, in partnership with Hot Topic.

“We are all fans of Attack on Titan and have had a lot of fun over the years creating apparel that the fans love to wear,” says Neil Hoynes, CEO of Ripple Junction.

“Partnering with Hot Topic to create a unique line of apparel leading up to [Attack on Titan Final Season] is bittersweet; however, we are excited to see our designs in stores and fans loving the designs we get to create.” 

Additional merchanside partners include Funko, Great Eastern Entertainment, Surreal Entertainment, Trends International and Atsuko.

And for our international fans, Attack on Titan arrives in store in Australia and New Zealand with Empire Apparel Group and Impact Rock Merchandise; and in the United Kingdom with GB Eye. And we’ve got plans to expand even further across the globe!

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