Funimation Acquires Home Video Rights for LeSean Thomas’ Cannon Busters

Cannon Busters Blu-Ray

We’re so excited to announce that the mecha sci-fi adventure Cannon Busters, from the incredible LeSean Thomas, is coming to Blu-ray from Funimation!

The anime series, which was the product of an international collaboration between Thomas and Japanese studios Satelight (Aquarion EVOL) and Yumeta Company (Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna), follows the adventures of the friendship droid S.A.M., a maintenance robot who’s a bit off and a deadly criminal on the run.

The three set out on a journey unlike any other, all in the search for the next rightful ruler of a tattered kingdom! Oh, and that heir is S.A.M.’s best friend. And we’re so excited to bring this truly collaborative anime series to home video!

In addition to the standard Blu-ray release of Cannon Busters, which includes all 12 episodes of the series subbed and dubbed, there is also a Limited Edition release planned. And yes, it will be PACKED with special goodies. Stay tuned very soon for more info on the home video release.

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Thomas is currently at work on his next project, Yasuke, an original anime series following the historical tale of a Black samurai in the 1500s, voiced by Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Knives Out).

Are you excited to add Cannon Busters to your anime home video collection? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for the latest on even more amazing anime headed your way, this season and beyond.