A Real Estate Quest! Dragon Goes House-Hunting Comes to Funimation This Spring

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The real estate market has gotta be pretty tough for a dragon, right? Guess we’ll find out, when the fantasy comedy Dragon Goes House-Hunting arrives this spring on Funimation.

Based on the manga series of the same name from Kawo Tanuki and Choco Aya, Dragon Goes House-Hunting, the anime series follows Letty, a dragon who is cast out of their family home after failing to live up to some dangerously high standards (talk about relatable) and sets out to find a new place to live.

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But in this world full of magical creatures, elves, dwarves and more, it’s not so easy for a fearsome dragon. Get ready for the high-stress world of real estate to collide with this comedy adventure.

From Pony Canyon and studio Signal.MD (MARS RED, FLCL Progressive), Dragon Goes House-Hunting stars voice actors Shun Horie (Akudama Drive, Rent-a-Girlfriend) as Letty; Misato Fukuen (My Hero Academia, Darker than Black) as Nell; Kaito Ishikawa (The Rising of the Shield Hero, Haikyuu!!) as Dearia; and Shiori Izawa (Cannon Busters, Noragami) as Pip.

The series is directed by Haruki Kasugamori (Keroro, 91 Daze), with character design from Shiori Asaka and Shiyi Su (Tales of HR).

Are you excited to search for the perfect home in Dragon Goes House-Hunting on Funimation? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for even more amazing anime headed our way, this season and beyond.

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