Return to Fullmetal Alchemist With Winry Light Novel, Releasing in English for the First Time

FMA Brotherhood

By Brittany Vincent

Ever wonder what Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Winry Rockbell got up to while in Rush Valley? Now you can read all about it in an upcoming light novel starring everyone’s favorite automail engineer!

Announced on Friday by VIZ Media, Fullmetal Alchemist: A New Beginning is a Winry-centric adventure never before published in English. Though it originally debuted in Japan in 2007, it’s finally coming to North America in Fall 2021. 

Follow Winry as she starts her apprenticeship working for a somewhat eccentric automail mechanic named Mr. Garfiel. Winry finds her entire outlook on automail users and how they use their prosthetics shifting after she meets a young boy with a new leg that only causes him pain every day.

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Winry works tirelessly to ensure she earns the boy’s trust as she wants to give him the type of prosthetic leg he can use for better quality of life. She sees a lot of Edward in him as she works to get to know him better. Will she be able to help the boy and work to give him a better life? You’ll have to dive into the story and find out!

You can read all about it this fall, then gift this new Fullmetal Alchemist book to your favorite otaku. It’s a milestone for fans who have been waiting years for a translation, after all! There’s always room for another story in one of anime’s most beloved universes. Plus, Edward might make a surprise appearance or two in this upcoming light novel. You never know. 

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