Tokyo Mew Mew New to Make Magical Return in 2022, Staff Revealed

Tokyo Mew Mew New

By Yali Perez

Magical girl fans, this one is for you. That’s right, Tokyo Mew Mew is coming back with a brand-new anime series in 2022, titled Tokyo Mew Mew New.

Announced during the livestreamed event 1st MEW▽ting, the new anime adaptation of the series will officially debut in 2022. A teaser visual featuring main girl Ichigo Momomiya was revealed, as well as the series’ main staff.

Takahiro Natori (Cannon Busters) will direct Tokyo Mew Mew New, with Yuka Yamada on scripts, Satoshi Ishino on character design and Toshiki Kameyama as sound director. The series will be produced by Yumeta Company (Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) and Graphinica (Hellsing Ultimate).

Tokyo Mew Mew New

The voice cast for the series includes Yuki Tenma as Ichigo; Mirai Hinata as Mint; Ryoko Juni as Lettuce; Rian Toda as Pudding; and Momoka Ishii as Zakuro.

Oh, and the voice actors will be forming a unit group called Smewthie, who will release their debut single on March 22 in Japan.

It’s been 20 years since the Tokyo Mew Mew manga first introduced us to Ichigo, a girl who transforms into Mew Ichigo, becoming one with the Iriomote leopard cat to save Earth from parasitic Chimera Anima aliens!

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