Mushi-Shi Returns With Special Manga Short in March

By Brittany Vincent

Get ready to research more mushi with Ginko! A new Mushi-Shi manga short is set to debut in a new issue of Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine.

Kodansha confirmed on Thursday that author Yuki Urushibara would be publishing a new “special short” for the upcoming May issue in Japan on March 25. It’s called “Chikakeru Kage,” or “The Shadow That Soars Through Land.”

There are scant details on what the short manga will feature, but you can bet it’ll be mystical and satisfying, just like the rest of the Mushi-Shi manga!

Speaking of manga, the original Mushi-shi manga ran from 1999 through 2003 in Afternoon Season Zokan, then it returned for another run from 2003 through 2018. This is the second special chapter Urushibara has released in the manga’s lifetime, over 10 main volumes.

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There’s also an anime series, of course. Mushi-Shi follows a man named Ginko, a mushi master who travels the world to research these strange creatures and help anyone suffering by the problems they cause. Ginko is a kindhearted soul who takes his work seriously.

Mushi-shi manga

He cares about the mushi, and stresses to those affected by them that they aren’t evil, but creatures living their lives. They deserve the same kind of understanding as anyone else would, even if their actions cause others grief or harm. 

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Every episode centers around a different type of mushi, its attributes, and the trouble (or solutions) it’s responsible for in human lives. The result is an intriguing, otherworldly anthology series with something new that surfaces in each episode. It’s a trip, that’s for sure, and the manga is similarly exciting.

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