Become the Dragon Ball Z Master With This Exclusive Korin Funko Pop!

Dragon Ball Z Funko Karin

By Yali Perez

If you thought you were done adding to that Dragon Ball Z collection, think again. But if you were wondering what was next, well, you’re in luck! The powerful and adorable Korin (Karin in the original Japanese) can now be yours.

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Say hello to the Funimation-exclusive Korin (Flocked) Funko Pop!, featuring the softest coat you’ll find on a 3.75 in. collectible. Look how cute! This Korin really has a lifelike appearance, huh?

Of course, fans of the series will know this lil guy as an advisor of the Z Fighters and their Senzu Bean plug when things get tough—complete with his wooden cane and typical stern stare.

This exclusive Pop! retails for $14.99 on The Funimation Shop. You can buy up to three, so tell your friends to get excited! He’s available RIGHT NOW.

And as always, get to know Korin, the Z Fighters and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z crew right here on Funimation. Stay tuned to Funimation for the latest news on all things anime, this season and beyond.