Attack on Titan Manga Goes Colossal For Record-Breaking Release in Japan

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By Rafael Motamayor

Have you ever read the Attack on Titan manga and thought it was just too small for your human hands? Have you ever wanted to know what it’d look like if a Titan could read a book?

Well, it looks like you’ll get to find out, because Kodansha is releasing a super-sized version of Attack on Titan Vol. 1 in Japan!

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The official Japanese Twitter account for Attack on Titan shared the colossal news, teasing the release of the manga said to be six to seven times the size of a regular volume. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be very quick if you want to get your hands on the Attack on Titan for Titans edition, because there will only be 100 copies available for purchase—presumably because any more of them would cause a rumbling.

Well, how big is this thing, exactly? According to Shonen Magazine, Attack on Titan for Titans will be approximately 1.01 meters tall (3.31 feet) and 0.71 meters wide (2.32 feet), which isn’t exactly the size of a Titan, but still nearly as tall as Levi himself. Additionally, this gargantuan book will weigh almost 30 pounds, so good luck taking it with you on a plane for leisure reading.

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This special release is meant to break the Guinness World Record for the largest comic book ever published, currently held by a 2018 Brazilian graphic novel, Turma da Mônica. Pre-orders for this record-breaking book start on March 6 and will go for an equally colossal price of 150,000 yen (US$1,397).

Attack on Titan for Titans also serves as a celebration of the end of Attack on Titan, which will see its final manga chapter released in April. Attack on Titan Final Season is currently airing on Funimation.

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