The Prince of Tennis Movie Reveals New Characters And…Time Travel!?

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By Rafael Motamayor

You know what’s missing in sports anime? An old-fashioned time travel story, and it seems like The Prince of Tennis is giving us just that with the upcoming feature film Ryōma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis!

The official website for Ryōma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis has revealed new cast members, as well as the film’s official story synopsis.

Say hello to the latest additions to the film’s cast! There’s Wolf, voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba); Boo, voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi (Akudama Drive, Mob Psycho 100); and Foo, voiced by Ryota Takeuchi (Haikyu!!, Heaven’s Design Team).

It seems like this “tennis gang” and Ryoma will be involved in a rap battle in the film, featuring lyrics written by the original manga creator, Takeshi Konomi.

Additionally, we finally know what the film will be about, and it is wild. Bridging the gap between The Prince of Tennis and The Prince of Tennis II, the film is set three days after Ryoma Echizen wins the final of the national tournament and finds him on a “warrior training trip” to the United States to become stronger.

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During the trip, Ryoma encounters his classmate, Sakurano, who apparently got sidetracked from a family trip by a gangster looking for trouble. The moment Ryoma hits a ball to save Sakurano, it collides with a ball hit by a mysterious individual in a wheelchair, and space-time begins to distort.

The result? The two travel back in time to when Ryoma’s dad “Samurai Nanjiro” was an active tennis player who shook the world’s best players.

From The Monk Studios and Keica, and directed by Hiroshi Koujina, Ryōma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis hits theaters in Japan on September 3. We cannot wait to see where this story goes and to listen to all the new insert songs Takeshi Konomi has in store for us!

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