Funimation Co-Producing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Anime Project

Trails of Cold Steel Anime

JRPG fans, rejoice! The popular franchise The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is officially getting a television anime series in 2022 as part of a global collaboration between Funimation, USERJOY, SYOU and NADA!

The project was announced during the game developer Nihon Falcom’s 40th Anniversary livestream, and will feature a brand-new story set in the western part of Zemuria—where the Trails of Cold Steel games are set.

“We hope that everyone, not only the fans that are familiar with the game, but also those who are not, can enjoy the new story that has never been told before with unique characters from the ‘Kiseki’ series,” said USERJOY’s Any Liu. “Also, we are developing a new game based on the anime storyline, so please look forward to that as well!”

The Trails game series kicked off in 2004 (itself a subseries in The Legend of Heroes franchise) with The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on PlayStation Portable. It has since spawned numerous sequels, including Trails of Cold Steel, in 2013.

Trails of Cold Steel tells a massive story of war set in the Erebonian Empire. They follow Rean Schwarzer, a student in the military academy of the empire, and how his class gets involved in the conflict between the noble and working class.  

With such a huge world to explore, telling an original story set in this universe should be an exciting prospect for longtime fans of the franchise, as well as newcomers who want to dip their toes into Trails of Cold Steel!

The games have been praised for their emphasis on a character-driven narrative and worldbuilding, which sounds tailor-made for an anime adaptation. If you want a taste of how big the world of Zemuria is, just take a look at the official website for the games!

The latest installment in the Trails of Cold Steel series launched on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe last year, and will make its way to PC and Nintendo Switch on April 9.

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