Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE English Dub Announced, Cast Revealed

Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE

Get ready to set off on an isle adventure with the Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE English dub!

Starting March 10, you’ll be able to stream all 12 episodes of this magic fantasy right here on Funimation. So whether you’re rewatching the show or experiencing it for the first time, get ready for an action-packed journey!

The English voice cast for the series is led by Zeno Robinson (Fire Force, My Hero Academia) as the Prince of Darkness and Sarah Anne Williams (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kakegurui) as Iris.

Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE Blog Key Art

Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE debuted during the Spring 2020 anime season on Funimation.

Official synposis: In the wake of a monster attack, an elderly noble confronts the lone surviving boy. Impressed, he chooses the boy to become his heir to the Throne of Darkness. Meanwhile, in the iridescent clouds above, the Queen of Light and her army are at war with the monsters. But the new Prince of Darkness realizes that Light and Dark must unite and destroy the evil if the world is to survive.

Check out the full cast and crew list below for the Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE English dub and let us know if you’re excited to dive in to this adventure! And stay tuned to Funimation for even more amazing anime headed your way, this season and beyond.

IrisSarah Anne Williams
Prince of DarknessZeno Robinson
PhiousRiver Kanoff
SheamaTiana Camacho
SkeersDaman Mills
TheoGiselle Fernandez
VallusBrad Venable
ADR DirectorFelecia Angelle
Assistant ADR DirectorBriana Villarreal
ADR EngineerBriana Villarreal
Mix EngineerRawly Pickens
ProducerChristopher R. Sabat
ADR ScriptwriterAaron Dismuke
ADR PrepBenjamin Tehrani, James Baker
Talent CoordinatorNazeeh Tarsha